What is so extraordinary about BOTECH brushes?

BOTECH brushes are not just any technical brushes:
our customers and their individual solution requirements have highest priority for us
We independently develop abrasive filaments with proprietary characteristics, geared to the individual needs of each customer
Our production also allows small batch production, and the proven quality of our tools guarantees the highest burr removal rate, along with a long service life

  • Continuous development is achieved through cooperation with selected machine tool manufacturers and raw material suppliers, and also always guarantees the long-term security of your productivity..

Operating principle

Brush in counter rotation


Initial state of the workpiece with burr


When the brush hits the workpiece, the filament lengthens and significantly increases the pressure (performance) on the edge to be machined.


The result is a perfect rounding of the edge.

Inclined bristles in counter direction

The BOTECH brushing tools have inclined and stably glued bristles. This achieves a much higher deburring performance and perfect edge rounding. These features also extend the tool life and are indispensable for fine grit and/or small filament diameter applications. To achieve optimum performance, the respective brushes are precisely matched to the requirements!

Inclined bristles in running direction

If BOTECH brushes are used in the running direction, then they are particularly suitable for polishing or surface improvement. Here, the bristle set and the required geometry of the bristles are selected according to the workpiece.