Test center

Do you want to develop a new process, or do you want to optimize your existing process? We offer you the following services free of charge: Send us your sample parts, with your written requirements, free of charge. Our test center is equipped with a high-precision deburring center and the latest technical measuring instruments. We help you to process the parts with our experience and our selection of brushing tools, and to achieve the desired outcomes. Take advantage of this offer and try it, without any obligation. We look forward to your contact, and to supporting you.

BOTECH Quick change solution

There are many clamping systems for holding deburring tools with a diameter of 150 mm. The basic principle with center bolt and 2 drivers has become the norm. BOTECH brought the quick-change version with magnetic strength onto the market. With this simple system, virtually all older machines, as well as newer ones manufactured nowadays, can be converted. Without the need for additional tools, brushes are changed in seconds


ø115 mm

ø115 mm

ø 190 & 230 mm